How to Protect Your Kids’ Teeth with Fluoride & Dental Sealants

August 8, 2016 8:43 pm

Children can be more susceptible to tooth decay if they are eating a lot of sweets and candies, and if they’re not brushing as thoroughly as they maybe should! Some kids are also just more susceptible to cavities than others, and cavities can be painful and require more invasive dental work such as root canals or even extraction. Besides taking your kids to the dentist every six months or more for a thorough dental cleaning, there are other ways to protect your kids’ teeth from cavities. Here are our suggestions for preventing cavities:

Professional Fluoride Treatments

Not all dental offices offer fluoride treatments, but at Henson Family Dental we feel fluoride can be an important part of your preventive care routine. Professional fluoride treatments help remineralize the teeth and protect them from decay and cavities. Fluoride is an enriched mineral that helps keep the protective enamel strong and healthy. This type of fluoride is much stronger than what you will find in toothpaste and is much more effective at protecting teeth.

Dental Sealants

Many children benefit from dental sealants because they help smooth out the grooves in teeth where sugar and bacteria can hide, creating cavities even if you are very good at brushing and flossing. Dental sealants are safe for young kids and can protect their teeth for years to come!

Six-Month Teeth Cleanings

As always, we advise that the whole family comes in for professional teeth cleanings at least every six months. This includes the kiddos! Dental cleanings are the only way to remove tartar or plaque that is in places where your toothbrush or floss can’t reach, and it is this plaque that will cause gum disease if left to sit without removal. Call Henson Family Dental for an appointment today!