New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthy Smile

January 23, 2018 9:57 pm

Blonde woman in black dress standing in the snow in front of a black background holding a lit sparkler. If you’re anything like our team, your New Year’s resolutions involve making positive changes in your life in some area. Whether its a healthier diet, an exercise regimen, or meditation, the new year is a great time to create a positive habit. At Henson Family Dental, we are encouraging our patients to come up with a New Year’s resolution for a healthy smile. If you’re stumped, we have a few ideas!

1. Make Flossing a Priority

A good preventive care regimen means brushing twice daily and flossing once each day. If you skip flossing, you aren’t cleaning about 40% of the surface of your tooth, creating a breeding ground for bacteria that produce acid and result in cavities. There are a variety of flossing tools on the market, from WaterPik® water flossers to floss extenders, that can make flossing easier and more convenient.

2. Limit Cavity-Causing Foods

Foods high in sugar and starch give the harmful bacteria in your mouth fuel to turn into acid that can cause tooth decay. Instead of reaching for a soda or candy, consider substituting for water or some fruit. You’ll be doing your teeth a favor!

3. Get the Smile You’ve Always Wanted

Many of our patients mention that they are embarrassed to smile in photographs because their teeth are stained or chipped. This year, make your smile a priority and consider some of our cosmetic dentistry services. We offer professional teeth whitening services, both at home and in the office, that can give you that bright, white smile you’ve always wanted. Dr. Henson can also place porcelain veneers that help to fix dental issues like chipped teeth or discoloration. Don’t waste any more time hiding your smile in the new year! To ask our friendly team any questions or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Henson, contact our office today!