What’s the Difference Between a Dental Bridge & a Partial Denture?

April 24, 2017 2:00 pm

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Don’t waste any more time feeling insecure about your missing teeth! There are plenty of incredible dental procedures that will give you the Hollywood smile you’ve been dreaming of, such as dental bridges and partial dentures. Not sure what those are? Here is some helpful information to get you in the know.


Named for their ability to bridge the gap created by missing teeth, bridges have two or more crowns for the teeth on either side of the gap, with a false tooth or teeth in between. These crowns on the anchoring teeth provide the support needed for the false tooth to fill in the space. False teeth are often made from gold, alloys, porcelain, or a combination of these materials.

You’ll need to make the health of the supporting teeth a priority in order for the bridge to stay strong and clean. This is a permanent procedure, so you’ll want to make an appointment with us to discuss if it’s the right decision for you.

Partial Dentures

Like dentures, partial dentures are a removable appliance. Unlike dentures, partial dentures don’t consist of a full set of teeth; rather they only have those teeth that need replacement attached to a plate molded to fit your mouth. This plate is often made of pink acrylic to mimic your gums, and has a metal framework that holds the partial denture in place by connecting to your natural teeth.

With partial dentures, you’ll need to learn how to adjust to eating and speaking while wearing the appliance, which can be awkward at first. You’ll also need to learn how to insert, remove, and clean the partial dentures. If you decide to get partial dentures, we’ll show you how to care for the appliance.

Which Should You Choose?

When deciding between partial dentures and bridges, we’ll need to consider the structure of your teeth as both appliances function differently.

Partial dentures are often used when there are a large number of teeth that need replacement. They’re also used if there is a risk of more tooth loss. We use bridges when there are smaller gaps between teeth, especially when those gaps are on the same side of your mouth.

Since partial dentures are temporary and removable, they are easier to adjust and repair. Bridges, meanwhile, are permanent, but this means that they aren’t something you can lose or break as easily. Partial dentures also tend to be less expensive than bridges, but we can discuss payment plans and insurance coverage when you come in for an appointment.

Each requires different maintenance and upkeep, and you may need to consider your lifestyle when determining which is best for you.

At Henson Family Dental, we provide you with the best care. If you’re looking to improve your smile, make an appointment with us to discuss which treatment option is best for you.